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Heat or Eat...?


As they walked through the door of the food pantry we could see it in their eyes... a mixture of sadness and desperation. It was difficult for them to ask for help, but not as painful as living in a cold, damp apartment and being hungry.

Betty and her husband, Harold, live on a fixed income. She is 82 years old; he is 84. Each month Betty painstakingly works on their budget, but no matter what she cuts out or how low she turns the thermostat, it always comes down to a choice... if they pay for heat, they do not have enough money for food.

Your support helps the New Hampshire Food Bank distribute food through our more than 400 partner agencies.

We still have a couple of winter months ahead of us. Please help so Betty, Harold, and other seniors like them do not have to suffer. 

Betty and Harold didn’t know what to expect at the food pantry. When they came in, they were greeted by a volunteer who gave them a warm smile and treated them with dignity and respect.

Betty and Harold now receive fresh vegetables, fruit, chicken, and other groceries every other week. The food is nutritious and easy to prepare.

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