What Additional Steps are the NH Food Bank taking?

In response to the statewide impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the NH Food Bank is taking necessary steps to prepare for an anticipated rise in food insecurity across the state. We are diligently working to increase our food purchasing, doubling meal production, establishing modified mobile food pantries and working with our agencies across the state to learn where the need is greatest so that we may provide additional needed resources. As of Monday, April 6, members of the National Guard are now working with our staff to support our operations. We continue to closely monitor the situation and are taking important measures of caution when it comes to safety and sanitation.

I Need Food Where Do I Go?

The NH Food Bank provides food to over 425 partner agencies throughout the state. Please visit our Agency List located by clicking HERE. Search the list by entering your town/county to find a food pantry or other emergency feeding programs in your area.

Can I Volunteer?

At this time we are open to EMPLOYEES ONLY and all volunteer opportunities have been halted until further notice. We truly appreciate your interest in dedicating your time, but in order to continue our efforts to serve our communities in need, we kindly ask you to remain home. Our hope is this will help to limit further exposure to you, our staff and those we serve. We would love for you to volunteer with us when opportunities resume in the future.

Am I Qualified for SNAP? How Do I Apply?

The NH Food Bank has a SNAP Coordinator on site ready to help you navigate the application process. The program looks at your income AND expenses, with deductions given for child care, rent/mortgage, medical expenses, utilities, and various other expenses. Call our SNAP Coordinator today to get started.

  • Jennifer Lennox 603-669-9725 Ext. 1147

How Can I Best Support the NH Food Bank’s Efforts?

If you would like to support our efforts, please use the form below to make a donation online. Monetary donations are the most effective way for you to help us to support those in need. If you have already made a donation, we thank you for your support. If you are not able to make a donation but would still like to support our mission, please consider advocating on our behalf. You can do so by liking our social media pages and posts and sharing them within your own networks.