The New Hampshire Food Bank Ambassador Program

Without our volunteers, the New Hampshire Food Bank would not be able to succeed in our mission to feed the hungry. We owe our success to the countless volunteers that have helped us expand our operation; each and everyone is extremely important and valued. Socially responsible adults and organizations can play a valuable role in meeting our needs, while simultaneously strengthening their community.
The New Hampshire Food Bank created the Ambassador Program in the fall of 2009 to extend the arms of our staff to reach the entire state, answering all calls and attending more events, allowing the Food Bank to collect more donations, both food and monetary. Ambassadors help to raise awareness and promote the Food Bank’s mission of creating a food-secure state.
Ambassadors attend a comprehensive half-day training and orientation, learning about the Food Bank and ways to get involved, as well as meeting with department heads. Upon completion, Ambassadors are prepared to represent the New Hampshire Food Bank at events and speaking engagements, enabling the Food Bank to move forward in their mission of providing nutritious food for everyone in need. Ambassadors play a key role in allowing us to reach more people and communities throughout the state, allowing for the continued growth of our mission and organization.
As an Ambassador, you will support the New Hampshire Food Bank in the following ways:
  • Represent the Food Bank at a minimum of 1 external event per quarter.
  • Cultivate new relationships to build Food Bank support.
  • Present to the public various ways to get involved with the Food Bank, i.e. becoming a donor, volunteering, or hosting a food drive.
  • Report back to the New Hampshire Food Bank any new contacts, potential growth opportunities, new volunteer inquiries or donations received.
For more information, please contact Nancy Mellitt, Director of Development.