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Agency NamePhoneAddressCityCountyZip Code
1269 Cafe Food Pantry603-512-1571351 Chestnut StreetManchesterHillsborough03101
Blessed Sacrament Food Pantry603.622.544514 Elm StreetManchesterHillsboro03103
C'est Grace Cafe Soup Kitchen603-624-4080750 Pine StreetManchesterHillsborough03109
Covenant of Promise Community Center603-897-974062 Merrimack StreetManchesterHillsborough03101
First United Methodist Church Food Pantry603 622-8863961 Valley StreetManchesterHillsborough03103
Friends of St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry603-622-6510563 Candia RoadManchesterHillsborough03109
Karen Angela Carter Food Pantry603-670-4615571 Mast Road ManchesterHillsborough03102
Manchester Church of God Food Pantry603-289-3428230 Mooresville Rd.ManchesterHillsborough03103
Manchester Church of God Meals Program

230 Mooresville Road
New Horizons for NH Food Pantry603 668-1877199 Manchester StreetManchesterHillsborough03105
New Horizons for NH Soup Kitchen603 668-1877199 Manchester St.ManchesterHillsborough03105
Parish of the Transfiguration Food Pantry603-628-6859107 Alsace StreetManchesterHillsborough03102
Sacred Heart Church Food Pantry603-668-4004247 South Main StreetManchesterHillsborough03109
Salvation Army Food Pantry603 627-7013 x211121 Cedar StreetManchesterHillsborough03101
St Andrew's Church Food Pantry603 622-8632102 North Main StreetManchesterHillsborough03102
St Joseph Cathedral Parish Outreach Food Pantry
145 Lowell St.
St Raphael's Church Food Pantry603 623-2604103 Walker StreetManchesterHillsborough03102
St. Vincent de Paul Ste Marie's Church Food Pantry603 623-3649378 Notre Dame AveManchesterHillsborough03102
St.Vincent de Paul St. Jos Cath Parish FP603-622-6404145 Lowell StManchesterHillsborough03104