Our commercial kitchen, located within our warehouse, is the site of our Recipe for Success Culinary Job Training program. The goal of this 8-week course is to help individuals suffering financial hardship gain the skills and experience necessary to seek employment in the food service industry. We consider financial hardship as those whose combined household income is unable to sustain themselves and their family, and are unable to obtain a job at a living wage with the skills and experience they currently possess.

We instruct our trainees in a broad range of efficient kitchen practices and fundamentals including:

  • identification of food and ingredients
  • use of kitchen implements and equipment
  • measurements
  • nutrition
  • knife skills
  • preparation techniques
  • safe food handling (as part of the National Restaurant Association’s ServSafe Program)
  • cleaning and sanitation

By conducting catering events, our students also gain experience with serving and meal presentation. Teamwork is also an important component of the training; participants learn how to work together, divide tasks among themselves, manage conflicts, and behave professionally. Additionally, we provide training on basic financial skills; resume writing, and interview techniques.

A typical day of training

While few days are exactly the same in this active, constantly changing environment, the majority of the training time consists of hands-on experience in the kitchen preparing meals for the registered agencies of the Food Bank. This course provides at least 500-600 meals per day for the Boys & Girls Clubs of the surrounding areas, and produces meals in bulk to be frozen for use by our other registered agencies.